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Hunting Safaris in South Africa

The Pinnacle of Exclusivity

A safari for any avid and passionate wing shooter. Our Dove/Pidgeon Shooting package provides the class and pageantry one would expect from the activity.

The Hunting Africa Dove/Pigeon Shooting Package

A 3 day shoot for doves and pigeons over fields of sunflower in the northern Freestate province, 2.5 hours drive from Johannesburg Intl. airport (Oliver Tambo)...
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Hunting Safaris

Do you consider yourself a seasoned hunter, avid bird shooter, or a photography fundi? We have a safari to suit your preference.
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Hunting Packages

We have Hunting Packages to suit every taste that’s tailor made to guarantee you get the best experience on your safari.
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A fantastic safari package for both the avid photographer and novice photographer at heart.
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Contact us today to book your dream safari experience with Hunting Africa and experience Africa the way it was meant to be.
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Hunting Africa

We do not claim to be the biggest hunting outfitter in South Africa.

Neither do we make statements like "...ours is the best professional hunters in Africa", or "...nobody else knows the bush like we do" or "...we are THE leading outfitter for such and such."

The honest, level headed and realistic attitude we have regarding who we are, what we offer and how we operate is that we are one of many. That is, that we are one of the many good, above board, professional hunting outfitter guide services delivering as good a service possible. So, distancing ourselves from the not so noticeable as well as those that make unrealistic, not so true claims, why should you consider hunting, shooting, fishing and/or touring with us?

Why would you decide to let us guide your hunting vacation?

  • 24 solid, continuous years of guiding. This provides practical, hands on experience in the fields of hunting/shooting/fishing and safari in the whole of Southern Africa.
  • 70% of our clients are repeat visitors.
  • We are not weekend hunters with a 9 to 5 job during the week. Hunting safaris and the African outdoors are our only,fulltime occupation and as such we live, sleep and breathe it.
  • The so called "biggest and best outfitters" sometimes make use of our experience, areas or just plainly ask our advice.
  • Seeing that we are not landowners, we are not tied down to a specific geographical area, lodge or specie limited.
  • We plan your tailor made custom safari and work according to your needs and wants, within reasonable limits and are willing and able to travel.

Hunting Africa is an adventure.

It is an opportunity to visit the "Dark Continent" and meet new people, experience nature, other cultures and connect with history like notable historical figures such as Roosevelt, Selous, Sutherland, Bell, Robert Ruark and others did decades ago.

We want you to experience much, much more than just game in your telescope crosshairs and a trophy "...in the salt." Noticing a little butterfly, the massive Baobab tree, a raptor way up in the light blue African sky overhead or chameleon in the shrub is just as important to us as your trophy.

The glow of a hardwood fire and flickering flames with the African night sounds in your ears while contemplating the day past in friendly, trusted company is part of your dream safari.

If you feel the need for the proverbial "...whack ‘em and stack 'em" or "...I MUST have the biggest, thickest and widest horns apart at all cost" we may not be the right outfit catering for you.

Hunting is not a competition and with us the emphasis is on the hunt, the adventure of experiencing nature in all its forms whilst having a good time, which is the true reward.

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