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Welcome to Hunting Africa

South Africa is a beautiful, magical place. It's a true gem that lies on the southern tip of Africa. For tourists, it has everything one could want in a travel destination, and more.

And, with an abundance of wildlife, it becomes even more attractive as a tried and tested hunting spot for game hunters of all skill levels.

Hunting, although fast becoming an industry that's under constant criticism, is an industry that both provides a way for individuals to become one with nature whilst simultaneously aiding in the conservation of animals in South Africa.

Our philosophy has been to put hunters in touch with nature. We create hunting adventures that offer an experience you're not likely to find anywhere else. Owner and professional hunter, Willie Vermaak, has been in this industry for over two decades, and offers an honest, level-headed and realistic approach to arranging and conducting hunting safaris in South Africa. So, if you've tried the rest, or if you're looking for an outfitter with a different approach, we think it's time you consider hunting and touring with Hunting Africa.

Why Choose Us?

There are many factors to consider when choosing your hunting outfitter for your next hunting safari. We believe that choice comes down to six very important things:


A good hunting outfitter has truly stood the test of time. With Hunting Africa having guided and conducting hunting safaris continuously for 24 solid years, we have practical hands on experience in the fields of hunting, shooting, fishing and guided safaris across the entirety of Southern Africa.


70% of the clients we've had the honour and privilege of conducting hunts and safaris for have come back to us for a repeat visit to our beautiful country.

Full Time Hunters

We don't hold a 9-to-5 day job at Hunting Africa and we're not weekend hunters, either. Conducting guided safaris and hunting safaris is what we do full time. You can almost say that we eat, sleep, and breathe hunting. 


Because we've been in the industry for quite some time, many other outfitters have made use of our experience and have consulted us for advice. We're proud to say that we have the expertise to give our clients and peers the best advice.


We offer diversity in our hunts as we do not own a set piece of land. This offers us the freedom and the flexibility of offering such varied hunting packages as well as giving our clients an array of options when it comes to hunting in a certain area or hunting certain species of game.

Tailor Made Safaris

We take great care in planning a hunting safari according to the requirements of our clients. Tastes differ and as such, we give our clients the best hunting experience that's tailor made for each hunter.


Experience A True Hunting Safari Adventure

Traveling to Africa, whether on a hunting safari or simply to sight see, is an opportunity to visit our beautiful continent, to meet new people, experience cultures and nature from a different angle and to connect with history like Roosevelt, Selous, Sutherland, Bell, Robert Ruark and other did decades ago.

Hunting Africa's sole aim is to deliver an experience that far extends beyond your run-of-the-mill hunting safaris. We believe that a hunting trip isn't just about positioning game within the crosshairs of your scope, or bagging the biggest trophy: discovering the beauty of nature, the smaller inhabitants of the bush, the massive Baobab tree, or the clear blue sky and fresh air all create an experience that's more precious anything else.

And, what's better than winding down around a crackling hardwood fire, being surrounded by the soothing sounds of the African bush whilst you contemplate the day's adventure in the company of friends.


Hunting is an adventure.


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