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Hunting Safari Prices in South Africa
Due to the fact that we arrange hunting safaris in 3 different, independent Southern African countries, ie. South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique, our rates and tariffs regarding day fees, transportation fees, prices for the different huntable species and taxidermy arrangements will obviously differ from one country to the other. In general our Terms & Conditions are en large, applicable to activities within all 3 countries we operate, albeit there are some minor differences that will be discussed when you book a safari with us.

Rates: South Africa – 2017 Season

Game offered in these Hunting Packages is for plains game antelope in the Free State, Northwest and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa and Namibia, providing excellent hunt holidays. Hunts conducted by African hunting guides, legally licensed and accredited with PHASA. Prices quoted for 1 Professional Hunter (PH) guiding 1 hunter (1×1), OR, 1 Professional Hunter (PH) guiding 2 hunters (2×1).
Blesbuck (Common) $ 420
Blue Wildebeest $ 950
Caracal (chance encounter) $ 650
Caracal (dedicated, pack of dogs) $ 1 500
Duiker (Common) $ 350
Duiker (Blue) $ 1 500
Duiker (Red) $ 1 500
Eland (Cape) $ 2 500
Eland (Livingston) – limited number $ 8 000
Elephant (on request + CITES 2 permit)
Fallow deer (exotic-March/April/May) $ 800
Gemsbuck/Oryx (southern/common) $ 1 350
Gemsbuck/Oryx (southern/common) > 40”+ $ 1 500
Giraffe (southern-bull) $ 3 000
Hyena (Spotted) $ 2 300
Hyena (Brown) $ 1 650
Impala (Southern) $ 450
Jackal (Black backed) $ 50
Klipspringer $ 1 350
Kudu (Eastern Cape) $ 1 900
Kudu (southern greater- Below 50”) $ 2 500
Kudu (southern greater) -49”-53&6/8ths” $ 3 700
Kudu (southern greater) 53 &7/8ths” + $ 4 500
Lechwe (red) $ 3 150
Nyala $ 2 750
Nyala RW 27” + $ 3 300
Ostrich $ 600
Rabbit/Scrub Hare/Springhare $ 20
Reedbuck (common) $ 1 100
Reedbuck (mountain) $ 950
Red Hartebeest – Cape/Southern $ 990
Roan $11 500
Sable < 40” $ 7 500
Sable RW 40” > 44” $10 500
Scimitar Oryx (exotic) $ 4 500
Springbuck (common) $ 350
Springbuck (copper) $ 3 500
Springbuck (black) $ 900
Springbuck (white) $ 1 000
Steenbok $ 375
Tsessebe $ 2 800
Vaal/Grey Reebok $ 1 400
Warthog $ 380
Waterbuck (common) < 27” $ 2 000
Waterbuck (common) RW28” + $ 2 500
White rhino (on request + CITES 2 permit)
Zebra (Plains/Burchells) $ 1 350
2 Hunters sharing x 1 PH (plains game) $ 330
1 Hunter x 1 PH (plains game) $ 400
*2 Hunters x 1 PH (big game) $ 475
*1 Hunter x 1 PH (big game) $ 700
Non hunting observer/s sharing $ 200
Single supplement, non sharing, add per day $ 35 for private room

Dove/Pigeons x 3, Guinea Fowl x 1, Francolin x 2, Ducks x 2 and Geese x 2

1 x Gun $ 700
2 x Guns sharing $ 650
3/4 Guns sharing $ 550
5/6 Guns and more, sharing $ 500
Non shooting observer/s sharing $ 200
Single supplement, non sharing, add per day $ 35

Please enquire about our collector hunts. We offer 2 x pigeon, 4 x dove, 6 x upland francolin, 2 x geese, 2 x guinea fowl, 11 x duck and 2 x sandgrouse species for the serious bird hunting collector. Seasons, license conditions and bag limits differ widely between the provinces and need adequate lead times as well as extensive local travel.


A variety of appropriate caliber, scoped, bolt action rifles for game hunting and either side by side and semi-auto12GA Beretta shotguns available for bird hunting. US $ 30 per rifle/shot gun per day.

Rifle ammunition US $ 1 per round of ammunition for medium calibers and $ 2 for big calibers.

12GA shotgun shells at US $ 14 per box of 25, 28gr No 7. (We still utilize lead shot in South Africa).

1 x Person $ 550
2 x Persons $ 450
3/4 Persons $ 375
5/6 Persons $ 350
7/8 Persons $ 325
Single supplement, non sharing, add per day $ 35

(Myriad of different custom made safaris and trips conducted throughout whole of South Africa, i.e. cities of Cape Town, Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Pretoria (cultural/historic), Hluhluwe/Umfolozi, SANParks of South Africa boasting some of Africa’s best wildlife – Kruger National; Kgalagadi Transfrontier; Mapungubwe; Mokala; Madikwe, Marakele and Pilanesberg etc. (game viewing), Basotho; Shangaan; Zulu open air, “living” museums (indigenous, native cultural). Please enquire/specify main interests.

Please contact us regarding our tailor made 4×4 camping wilderness safaris to the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.

  • Meet and greet at airport.
  • Transportation from and return to airport.
  • All road travel during safari, shoot or tour.
  • All daily meals.
  • Bottled mineral water, soft drinks, beers and 1 bottle of table wine (your choice of white, red or rose) per couple at supper.
  • Services of a legally licensed and accredited Professional Hunter guiding you when hunting. Legally licensed THETA accredited Tourist Guide with applicable PDP drivers license when touring
  • Services of camp personnel, trackers and skinners.
  • Daily laundry as needed.
  • Skinning and field preparation (fleshing/scraping, salting of skin + cleaning of horns/skull) of your trophies.
  • Delivery of your trophies to a local taxidermist for mounting, alternatively exportation only (“Dip & ship”).
  • All necessary entrance fees, hunter fees, trespassing or concession area fees where applicable and provincial government hunting licenses as needed.
  • Compulsory governmental 14% Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable to daily rates, trophies and accommodation.
  • International, domestic and connecting flights airfare as well as air charters, if needed.
  • Accommodations prior to and after your hunt/shoot/safari.
  • Any liquor beverages, for example: bourbon, whisky, cognac, vodka, liqueurs etc. You are welcome to bring along your own brand/preference.
  • Disinfecting, treatment, mounting, packing, exportation/importation, shipping, brokerage and administration fees of taxidermist, exporting/importing agent fees.
  • Rental of any firearms or purchase of ammunition, if needed. (enquire as to what calibers of hunting rifles are available)
  • Shotgun ammo. Box of 12GA shells at US $ 14 per box of 25.
  • Any gratuities or tips as per your discretion, not compulsory.
  • Any insurance.(We recommend you check that all necessary insurances regarding international travel, personal, cancellation, trophies collected, etc. are in place)
  • Internet facilities, where/when applicable.
  • Curios
  • Deposits and payments.
  • Compulsory contractual agreement signed by both parties as prescribed by Law.
  • Cancellation policy.
  • Wounded and lost species.
  • Indemnities, liabilities and disclaimers.

Rates: Mozambique

We offer and conduct hunts in the country of Mozambique within the Tete province on the southern shore line of Lake Cahorra Bassa, sandwiched between the lake and international northern border of Zimbabwe. The hunting camp is situated on a slight rise on the shoreline of this water body and a five hour road trip to the west from the capital of Tete and the airport which is the local point of arrival from South Africa’s Johannesburg International (OR Tambo) via SAA Airlink. The area is not owned by us but we have a perfectly legal agreement with the owner to utilize it and the available quota, as we have done the past number of years. These hunting grounds are in excess of 938 000 acres (yes, nine hundred and thirty eight thousand)this being said, however can easily be interpreted wrong by the reader and prospective big game hunter. Firstly, most of this area is not traversable by 4×4 hunting vehicle as there is not much of a road system to access it and secondly it may create the wrong impression regarding necessary habitat for big game animals. All animals need a constant supply of water which result in game moving in a relatively “narrow belt” of approximately 15 miles adjacent to the water and this is where we hunt. African big game species we offer in the area are mainly for Cape buffalo, Nile crocodile and Leopard. Due to USFW and CITES limitations regarding the export and import of trophies from Mozambique to the States, Elephant and Hippo are off the menu for USA hunters. Unless…both species are available with legal Mozambique hunting licenses to American hunters wanting to hunt these two species on a non-exportable quota should they wish? The hunts here are not for the faint hearted and it must be made clear that the area is not a high density species habitat. Apart from buffalo, crocodile and leopard there are limited plains game species such as Sable, Chobe bushbuck and Bush pig on quota. These hunts are “old school” meaning that most of the hunting is hard core, especially for buffalo and following these bovine’s tracks on foot. Leopard hunts are conducted from the classical hanging of meat baits hung in potential good spots (pun intended)where these predators move from blinds constructed from natural vegetation. Although the official hunting season in Mozambique starts in April and run through to end November annually, it definitely is not advisable to safari hunt all these months. Rain, very dense, tall and thick grass and other vegetation limit successful hunting early in the season and the latter part normally is incredibly hot with very high discomfort temperature levels. The months of June, July and August are undoubtedly the most practical for your Mozambique hunting tripwith the highest possible potential for success. CAPE BUFFALO 11 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure CROCODILE 8 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure Daily rate p/d – 7 Days: $ 7 000 Trophy incl. License fee: $ 3 750 Hunt Card: $ 200 Firearm Permit: $ 300 – we seriously suggest to rather make use of camp rifle Trophy drop-off: $ 350 TOTAL: $ 11 600 LEOPARD 15 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure Daily rate p/d – 14 Days: 14 000 Trophy incl. License fee: $ 6 000 Hunt Card: $ 200 Firearm Permit: $ 300 – we seriously suggest to rather make use of camp rifle Trophy drop-off: $ 350 Baits included TOTAL: $ 20 850  

Rates: Namibia

PACKAGE NAM Plains game antelope package, hunt antelope, 10 hunting days/11 nights. US $ 5 990 – 2×1. US $ 6 500 – 1×1. Good area for Oryx hunting as well as zebra hunts for Hartmann zebra. Damara Dik-dik also available in this area, for the serious trophy collector. Namibia also is of course the single best country in the world today for cheetah hunts. Location: North-western Namibia, south of Etosha Park, about 30km south-east of town of Kamanjab. 8 000ha (19 800) open (not game fenced) area, although cattle fences are in place. Beautiful rock outcrops with camel thorn trees, grass plains. Ideal hunting country. Luxurious, comfortable accommodation with separate bathroom/toilet to be shared, similar to 3*. 1 Kudu bull (southern/greater) or 1 Hartmann’s zebra 1 Gemsbok/Oryx (southern) or 1 Red hartebeest 1 Springbuck (common) 1 Warthog 1 Steenbuck OR Duiker (common) OR Baboon Non hunting observer/companion – US $ 180 per person, per day. Price includes:
  • guidance by qualified and experienced Professional Hunter.
  • necessary hunting licenses
  • daily meals
  • bottled mineral water and soft drinks
  • accommodations
  • vehicle and necessary fuel
  • camp personnel
  • daily laundry of clothes
  • field preparation of animals and delivery of trophies to a local taxidermist –
  • all the compulsory governmental Value Added Taxes (VAT) as applicable.
Price excludes:
  • international airfare, domestic flights and air charters
  • any alcohol, more than welcome to bring along your own favored brand
  • rental of rifles (available if needed, enquire about calibers) and ammunition
  • hotel accommodations prior to and after hunt
  • any add on like for ex. Sightseeing or trips away from hunting property
  • Internet/Satellite phones
  • airport pick up and return in Namibia – approx $ 270, return.
  • CITES permits, where applicable